The Cultural Centers for Academic Excellence are culturally-based support programs designed to provide HSU students with networks that blend cultural, community and faculty engagement with structured mentoring – to assist students in reaching their academic and career goals.


To create community-centered environments and opportunities that stimulate learning, academic engagement and student leadership.

To assist students in leveraging the various academic and social resources and opportunities on and off campus.

To facilitate cross-cultural learning experiences across campus.

To support identity development within a culturally-grounded framework.


The mission of the Cultural Centers for Academic Excellence is to empower students as they navigate successful pathways through college in a way that honors, preserves and sustains diverse cultural value systems. Our programs, services, and mentoring promote the individual and academic advancement of our students in a culturally welcoming and dynamic environment.

Vision Statement

Our Centers, inclusive of diversity, strives to be recognized as a leader of best practices in supporting our students to achieve their academic, socio-cultural and career goals, with leadership and character.

Value Statements

We advocate on student behalf

We engage students intellectually

We embrace student diversity

We nurture students' academic and career goals

We empower students to be successful in their personal and professional goals

We assist students to be lifelong learners and contributors of their personal and professional lives

We celebrate their accomplishments and achievement

Guiding Principles

We will be guided by student development theories espoused by nationally and internationally recognized authors and scholars.

We will be responsive to the developmental needs of students, supporting them to achieve their academic and career goals.

We will provide strategies for success to help students achieve key milestones and learning outcomes.

We will enhance student curricular and co-curricular learning to prepare them in the commitments of critical inquiry and leadership development.

We will be exemplary partners with our students and provide them with opportunities for growth and lifelong learning.

We will build a community of alums to foster and support our next generation of students in the mission of the University.